What We Grow

Please Note; Harvest times are only a rough indication of when the fruit will be ready. This year all our fruit is approx 2 to 3 weeks earlier than the scheduled harvest time due to all the hot weather we have had recently.

NameVarietyFleshStone TypeHarvest Time
June CrestPeachesYellowCling Stone1st Dec – Mid
Early RichPeachesYellowCling Stone1st Dec – Mid
Diamond BrightNectarinesYellowSlip Stone1st Dec – Mid
Rich LadyPeachesYellowSlip Stone2nd week Dec – Xmas
Vista RichPeachesYellowSlip Stone2nd week Dec – Xmas
Ice PrincessPeachesYellowSlip Stone2nd week Dec – Xmas
Snow PrincessPeachesYellowSlip Stone3rd week Dec – End Dec
Elegant LadyPeachesYellowSlip StoneMid Jan – End Jan
Royal GalaApples  End Jan – End Feb
FujiApples  Mid Feb
JonathonApples  Mid Feb
Red DeliciousApples  Mid Feb – End Feb
Pink LadyApples  End March

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