Please Note; Harvest times are only a rough indication of when the fruit will be ready. As we work with Mother Nature, these times may vary slightly.  Please follow our Facebook page for the weekly updates of what is available before you come to the farm.

NameVariety  Harvest Time
Strawberries   All Year Round
Green Almonds   End Sept
Loquats   Early Oct - Mid Oct
Cherriesvarious varieties  End Nov - Mid Dec
Peachesvarious varieties  End Nov - End Jan
Apricotsvarious varieties  Mid Dec - End Dec
Plumsvarious varieties  Early Jan - End Jan
Nectarinesvarious varieties  Early Jan - End Jan
Royal GalaApples  End Jan – End Feb
Red DeliciousApples  Mid Feb - End March
Granny SmithApples  End March - End May
Pink LadyApples  End March - End June
Figsvarious varieties  End March - End April

We also have

Persimmons from mid April - End May

Olives from Mid April - End May

We also have a HUGE assortment of vegetables from End November till end of Junevarious varieties